Greener spaces make urban places better.

They create places that are more appealing to work, play and relax in and help us feel a sense of place and community within our busy lives. 

They are good for our health and wellbeing, cool our cities, reduce air pollutants, regulate water flow, lower carbon emissions and even increase property value. 

Yet green space is often ignored when plans are drawn and concrete poured. 

Originally the 202020 Vision program, Greener Spaces Better Places is a national initiative that brings together academia, business, government, community groups and the green industry to share knowledge and find new ways to work together to make sure that as our cities and towns grow, so too do our green spaces. 

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how it works

Greener Spaces Better Places helps green spaces grow through commissioning and publicising research, then developing guides and how-to's from that research. Events and national tours are also held to spread that knowledge around Australia – helping make more green space, more attainable, for everyone.

By sharing and amplifying knowledge through the media and a network of like-minded professionals, this initiative helps further the urban greening agenda for our cities by getting the right people talking about the big issues.

Looking to the future of Australia's cities post-2020, there are both big challenges and big opportunities for urban greening. Greener Spaces Better Places continues the commitment to working towards more and better green spaces across the country, now and into the future.

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