Let's Grow

A deep dive into what motivates (or prevents) urban greening in the private realm for different population segments.

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Where will all the trees be?

The third report in Australia’s only national tree canopy benchmarking research series, exploring which Australian places are gaining green cover and why.

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Urban Greeners' Resource Hub

A curated collection of best practice tools, guides, resources and case studies to help urban greening professionals protect and enhance Australia's urban forests and green cover in our towns and cities. In collaboration with Living Melbourne.

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Community attitudes guide: who's with us?

Engaging the community is the biggest challenge that councils face in urban greening. This is the ultimate community kit to help with that.

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A green development guide: what's the story?

Engaging various stakeholders is the biggest challenge developers face in the urban greening journey. This is the ultimate kit to help do that.

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Where should all the trees go?

A national guide to canopy, shrub and hard cover by state and LGA. Overlays urban heat, SEIFA, socio-economic data and provides an overall vulnerability indicator.

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How to grow an urban forest

Urban forests are good for cooling, good for water management and good for exercising, relaxing or reading a book. This guide helps councils create a strategy in ten easy steps.

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Green people are from Mars, engineers are from Venus

A discussion paper that explores the working relationship between green space practitioners and engineers. It outlines the barriers to better collaboration and ways they can be overcome.

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Park it

A 10-step video and guide to help communities work with their local councils to turn their grey spaces green.

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Where are all the trees?

An analysis of tree canopy cover in Australia's urban spaces, published in 2014.

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