Growing Together Tour, 2019

8 October 2019

The Growing Together national tour, completed between May and September 2019, was the latest event series in the 202020 Vision Urban Forestry tour series. The research presented and themes that informed the Growing Together tour were based on some of the insights captured at the Green Light tour. Namely, that the way different communities - developers, government and everyday people - communicate and engage with urban green space, matters. 

The content presented in this Tour identified practical ways in which practitioners might better engage with various opportunities as well as invited direct conversations between people who may not have otherwise spoken with each other. 

The purpose of this year’s Tour was to: 

The Growing Together tour 2019 was a great success, and was attended by over 385 urban greening professionals across five states. Please see below for key discussions had and insights revealed in each state's event.

South Australia

This state's program:

Key discussion points and insights:


This state's program: 

Key discussions points and insights: 

Western Australia

The programming:

Key Insights:

New South Wales

The programming:

Insights and themes that emerged included: 


The programming:

Notable insight that emerged were: 

In conclusion...

The 2019 Growing Together tour was a great success in each state, drawing a consistent number of attendees from a diverse cross-section of urban greening professions and organisations. It showcased real-life examples of how to engage local communities in greening from a broad variety of 202020 Vision partners including state and local governments, urban designers, community advocates and development sector representatives.

Across all of the states, it was noted that the greatest challenge is to ensure that there are systems and policies in place to guarantee that while urban areas become more densely populated that trees, plants, turf and the allocation of open space for parks and field is prioritised.

Additionally, research presented during the tour highlighted that water scarcity and tree species vulnerability to changing climatic conditions will become significant issues in the coming years. Greener Spaces Better Places will continue to share knowledge and innovative solutions and amplify the latest research in these areas so that green space practitioners are equipped with the tools and resources to address the challenges in coming years.