Park It

4 May 2017

We've all walked past empty, sad-looking patches of our neighbourhoods and thought to ourselves "imagine if that concrete patch was full of plants and trees, it would be a great place to hang out." 

That's why we have created Park It - a 10 step video and guide to help communities turn their grey spaces green. This how-to guide brings together two of The Plan projects, How to Create a Community Action Plan and How to Get Your Park Approved, and features case studies of local residents working together to revitalise and reinvent the underutilised grey spaces around them.

The 10 steps include how to garner support in your neighbourhood, who to talk to at council and how to make it fun for everyone involved. Watch the video above and then download the guide to get started on transforming the spaces around you.

This guide has been developed in partnership with The Neighbourhood Project.