8 May 2018

The Western Australian event was held in the City of Bayswater at the same venue as previous 202020 Vision tour events. Approximately 100 urban greening experts attended the event, and engagement throughout the entire day was high. 

It was the third event in the national Green Light Tour and was held in partnership with the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Councils, the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub and with the support of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the Western Australian Local Government Association, New WAter Ways, AECOM and Parks Managers Group.

The key topics covered in the day’s presentations included: a changing climate and its impact on species selection; the role of green infrastructure in a water sensitive city; retaining and increasing tree canopy cover on city land and private property; and building a community engagement campaign around a single message.

In response to these presentations and other points raised by the audience in the panel discussion, conversations on the day continued to focus around the same three themes; culture, infill development and greening on private property. 

A community engagement workshop was facilitated in the final session by Ben Peacock from Republic of Everyone. The workshop provided attendees with the opportunity to design a campaign encouraging stakeholders to retain and increase green space. 

Attendees sat in groups of 8-10 people from a variety of backgrounds and set to work designing their campaigns.

To start, each group defined their target audience, what behavior they wanted to change and identified an insight about their audience that ultimately created the lever for change. The groups then wrote their campaign message, designed a one-off activation event and named it.

The workshop equipped attendees with skills to start piloting their own community engagement campaigns within their organisations. These campaigns have the ability to change opinions and behaviours of not only local residents but also property developers, private consultants and council members.

Thank you to the presenters on the day for sharing such engaging content and for facilitating great discussion! 

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