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5 November 2019

Introducing Greener Spaces Better Places, the new name for 202020 Vision! As Australia's cities, towns and suburbs grow, so should their green spaces.

Greener Spaces Better Places' mission is to make Australia's urban areas the greenest in the world.

Looking back, what's been achieved?

202020 Vision launched in 2013 and since then, the program has brought together 7,000+ organisations and individuals to form the world’s biggest network of green space champions. The aspirational goal of 20% green space by 2020 also generated a vast amount of research, advocacy, awareness and actual plants in the ground.

What is happening next?

As 2020 approaches, Australia's urban areas are facing big challenges and opportunities. To meet these, Greener Spaces Better Places will be focusing on density, climate change, and liveability.

This will include a strategic focus on the 'race for space', as well as the urgent need to transition to water sensitive cities and understanding species survival projections in a warming climate.

As it has for the past six years, the program will continue to be led and informed by the network to detail these future challenges and opportunities and provide the practical tools and support to make it happen.

So, on that final note:

- What do you see being the key challanges and opportunities for urban greening in Australia?
- What kinds of projects would you like to see the program bring to market?
- Do you have any interesting projects that the program and/or the network should know about?

Email us at hello@ greenerspacesbetterplaces.com.au with your thoughts (and make sure you update your contacts with this new email address!).