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As anyone working in the urban greening space will know all too well, there’s no shortage of information, tools, resources and case studies out there that can help you to plan, manage, protect and enhance green cover.

The trouble is, however, this information is often disparate and incomplete – making it difficult to access the most appropriate tools, resources and best practice examples.

That’s why we've collected these existing materials together – including tools, guides, publications and case studies – and curate the best of them in a single place: right here, in the Urban Greeners' Resource Hub.

This Hub has been curated following consultation with a panel of urban greening implementation, research and technical experts from across Australia, and we gratefully acknowledge their support and input.

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Hort Innovation

Hort Innovation: Green Cities Fund Research Projects

By Hort Innovation

The Hort Frontiers Green Cities Fund brings together a range of partners to research and demonstrate the benefits of increased urban greening. With the Australian urban population increasing, and the health benefits of green space becoming clearer, urban developers and governments are becoming increasingly interested in creating greener communities. However, the impact of green space on a range of aspects (for example, perinatal health outcomes and hospital admissions) needs further research. The Green Cities Fund aims to help uncover science-based answers to these questions, helping inform urban development business decisions.

National Additional Resources

Tree Costing Tool and Instruction Manual Australia

By Hort Innovation – 2020

The Tree Costing Tool is designed to calculate the life cycle cost of urban tree projects. It provides a systematic and user-friendly approach to project cost evaluation based on size and location requirements. Along with the tool comes the instruction manual which provides step by step instructions for users to work through the Tree Costing Tool spreadsheet and enter project details. After entering all the required values, the tool provides a results summary. Users have the option to analyse and compare three projects within the tool. These resources were produced as part of the Hort Innovation Nursery Fund project Budget tool to calculate the cost to successfully establish trees in the urban landscape (NY18003).

National Reporting, Measurement & Tracking

Which Plant Where?

By Hort Innovation – 2015

The Which Plant Where program is a five-year series of research projects that will find out where current favourites are unlikely to thrive under the more extreme climates that Australian cities face. Which Plant Where? learns from past successes, and stress-tests major landscape species to find opportunities for new species and varieties to be planted. In partnership with Macquarie University, Western Sydney University and New South Wales Government

National Implementation tools