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As anyone working in the urban greening space will know all too well, there’s no shortage of information, tools, resources and case studies out there that can help you to plan, manage, protect and enhance green cover.

The trouble is, however, this information is often disparate and incomplete – making it difficult to access the most appropriate tools, resources and best practice examples.

That’s why we've collected these existing materials together – including tools, guides, publications and case studies – and curate the best of them in a single place: right here, in the Urban Greeners' Resource Hub.

This Hub has been curated following consultation with a panel of urban greening implementation, research and technical experts from across Australia, and we gratefully acknowledge their support and input.

Australia’s #1 collection of best practice tools, guides and resources for professionals. Made in partnership with Living Melbourne.

Hort Innovation: Green Cities Fund Research Projects

By Funded through Hort Innovation

The Hort Frontiers Green Cities Fund brings together a range of partners to research and demonstrate the benefits of increased urban greening. With the Australian urban population increasing, and the health benefits of green space becoming clearer, urban developers and governments are becoming increasingly interested in creating greener communities. However, the impact of green space on a range of aspects (for example, perinatal health outcomes and hospital admissions) needs further research. The Green Cities Fund aims to help uncover science-based answers to these questions, helping inform urban development business decisions.

National Additional Resources

How to Grow an Urban Forest

By Greener Spaces Better Places – 2015

Every urban area needs an urban forest. They’re good for cooling, good for water management and good for exercising, relaxing or reading a book. So how do you create more? Designed for councils, this guide is based on a decade of work by the City of Melbourne. It makes it easy to navigate the process from idea to planting.

National Strategies and plans

International Society of Arboriculture

By International Society of Arboriculture – 2021

Through research, technology, and education, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees.

International Additional Resources

iTree ECO Australia

By Arboriculture Australia with the US Forest Service – 2012

iTree Eco is one of the suite of tools that provides quantification of the functional services provided by urban trees. Arboriculture Australia with the support of industry partners worked with the U.S. Forest Service to customise iTree Eco for use in Australia.

National Reporting, Measurement & Tracking

Let's Grow! Motivating community support for private land urban greening

By Greener Spaces Better Places – 2021

Want to motivate Aussies to green their private property? This report shows you how. Take a deep dive into different population segments, tap into their needs, and overcome their pain points to get Aussie's greening their homes and gardens.

National Stakeholder engagement

Let's Scale Up! Urban Greening in the private realm, engaging and motivating community

By Earth Watch and Living Melbourne – 2021

This report shines a spotlight on community engagement, education and behaviour change programs to support councils and other practitioners in making informed decisions about delivering, adopting and expanding their urban greening programs.

Victoria Implementation tools Case studies State-specific Stakeholder engagement

Living Melbourne: Our Metropolitan Urban Forest Strategy

By Resilient Melbourne – 2019

Resilient Melbourne in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have developed Living Melbourne: our metropolitan urban forest – a bold new strategy for a greener, more liveable Melbourne. A flagship action of the Resilient Melbourne strategy Living Melbourne presents a transformative approach to respond to urban challenges with nature.

Victoria Strategies and plans

Loci Better Best Practice Guides - Green Infrastructure

By Loci Environment & Place Inc. – 2020

Loci Environment & Place Inc. supports green infrastructure knowledge growth and trial projects for our cities.

Victoria Implementation tools

Measuring Australia’s Green Space Asset

By UTS via Hort Innovation – 2019

This research project was tasked with looking at tools and methods available around the world, and currently used in Australia, for mapping, monitoring and reporting on urban green space – as well as investigating the areas relating to urban green space that stakeholders such as local councils, landscape architects and others are interested to see reporting on. The project developed a blueprint for a potentially nationally-consistent urban green space decision-support framework.

New South Wales Reporting, Measurement & Tracking

Necessity of Urban Green Space for Children's Optimal Development

By UNICEF – 2020

This discussion paper provides a normative framework for the relevance of green space to several international frameworks, including the Sustainable Development Goals. It discusses the many benefits of green space to childhood development and provides recommended interventions at all levels.

International Urban greening benefits
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