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As anyone working in the urban greening space will know all too well, there’s no shortage of information, tools, resources and case studies out there that can help you to plan, manage, protect and enhance green cover.

The trouble is, however, this information is often disparate and incomplete – making it difficult to access the most appropriate tools, resources and best practice examples.

That’s why we've collected these existing materials together – including tools, guides, publications and case studies – and curate the best of them in a single place: right here, in the Urban Greeners' Resource Hub.

This Hub has been curated following consultation with a panel of urban greening implementation, research and technical experts from across Australia, and we gratefully acknowledge their support and input.

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Strategies and plans

City of Melbourne Urban Forest Strategy

By City of Melbourne – 2012

The City of Melbourne is facing the significant challenges of climate change, population growth and urban heating, placing pressure on the built fabric, services and people of the city. A healthy urban forest will play a critical role in maintaining the health and liveability of Melbourne. CoM's Urban Forest Strategy seeks to manage this change and protect against future vulnerability by providing a robust strategic framework for the evolution and longevity of Melbourne's urban forest.

Victoria Strategies and plans

How to Grow an Urban Forest

By Greener Spaces Better Places – 2015

Every urban area needs an urban forest. They’re good for cooling, good for water management and good for exercising, relaxing or reading a book. So how do you create more? Designed for councils, this guide is based on a decade of work by the City of Melbourne. It makes it easy to navigate the process from idea to planting.

National Strategies and plans

Living Melbourne: Our Metropolitan Urban Forest Strategy

By Resilient Melbourne – 2019

Resilient Melbourne in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have developed Living Melbourne: our metropolitan urban forest – a bold new strategy for a greener, more liveable Melbourne. A flagship action of the Resilient Melbourne strategy Living Melbourne presents a transformative approach to respond to urban challenges with nature.

Victoria Strategies and plans

Planning a Green-Blue City: A How-to Guide for Planning Urban Greening and Enhanced Stormwater Management in Victoria

By Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – 2017

This how-to guide has been developed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) to assist cities and towns in planning for increased presence and effectiveness of green-blue infrastructure in their urban areas. It is designed to assist councils and their partners in: • Developing a robust and locally tailored evidence base for green-blue infrastructure opportunities • Identifying green-blue infrastructure opportunities at all scales • Reviewing opportunities for greatest benefit and value • Allocating priority projects and key actions • Identifying delivery pathways and funding mechanisms The guide will assist councils in developing the core components of a green-blue infrastructure action plan that will inform and drive council-led initiatives.

Victoria Strategies and plans

The City of Melbourne’s Future Urban Forest - Identifying Vulnerability to Future Temperatures

By The University of Melbourne – 2016

The report, commissioned by and for the City of Melbourne, describes the results of a project exploring the vulnerability of tree species currently planted in the City of Melbourne, and identifies some potential new species that may be more suitable for the City’s climate futures. It is worth noting the caveats on the interpretation of species vulnerability.

Victoria Strategies and plans


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