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Perfect for social butterflies, this look will help you attract lots of flying friends to your yard. A contemporary take on the native garden, it’s great for sunny spaces.

The plants in this look


An iconic bird attracting Australian native tree.

Birds nest fern

This hardy fern grows on trees, rocks or on the ground.

Cushion bush

Likes lots of water and full sun. Grows well amongst rocks and gravel.

Cut leaf daisy

A native groundcover with mauve daisy flowers.

Dwarf she-oak

A textural native groundcover with a cascading form.

Fan flower

This low growing native loves well drained soil and lots of light.

Grass Tree

Very slow growing and likes very well drained soil and plenty of sun.


A great plant for small sunny spots in a range of climates.

Kangaroo Paw

A brightly coloured addition to a native Australian garden.

Matt Rush

Super tough! Grows well in a range of soil and climatic conditions.

Native Flax

Drought hardy once established.

Tassel Rush

Perfect for mass planting or growing in boggy areas of your garden.


Can tolerate light frosts and dry spells.

Wonga wonga vine

A vigorous native climber that can cover a trellis or wall in no time!

Woolley bush

A great screening or hedge plant.

Yellow buttons

A hardy, low maintenance plant.



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