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If your guilty pleasure is Aussie kitsch then you’ll bloomin’ love this. With blousy flowers and bright colours, it will have you shouting ‘Hello, Possums!’ over the fence.

The plants in this look


Tough and drought tolerant but delicate with incredibly pretty flowers.

Black Knight

A fast growing shrub with masses of fragrant deep purple flowers.

Blue my Mind

This dwarf herbaceous perennial flowers its head off.

Crepe Myrtle

Produces crepe-like flowers in shades of pink, red, purple and white.


Known for their tubular, irregularly shaped flowers.

Cut leaf daisy

A native groundcover with mauve daisy flowers.

Dahlia Mystic

Vibrant coloured flowers with fiery centres and almost black foliage.

Dragon’s Breath

Known for blazing, plumelike flowers and striking green-red foliage.

Dwarf Bougainvillea

This scrambling shrub is known for its intensely coloured flowers.


A great plant for small sunny spots in a range of climates.

Little Ruby

The perfect mounding ground cover with deep burgundy foliage.


These fast-growing climbers bloom prolifically in the summer months.


A great first plant for children, easy to grow in pots or in ground.

Perez’s Sea Lavender

A tough perennial herb with an intense purple bloom.

Red Hot Poker

A vibrant evergreen perennial with burnt orange and yellow flowers.


This mint relative blooms for a long time in a wide spectrum of colours.


With abundant blooms, this robust old-school plant is a classic.

Wonga wonga vine

A vigorous native climber that can cover a trellis or wall in no time!

Yellow buttons

A hardy, low maintenance plant.


Great in hanging baskets and small pots.



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