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Eye-catching indoor plants really earn their commission as they entice customers into this airy retail space and show off its wares in the best possible way. Happy browsing!

Paradise Traders was designed by Sasha Titchkosky, Co-founder of Koskela, an innovative and inspiring Australian furniture, design and lifestyle brand.

The plants in this look

Bird of paradise

As tough as nails and tolerates exposed conditions and serious neglect.

Devil’s Ivy

An indoor winner! It tolerates neglect and low light.

Elephant Ear

A great foliage plant for indoors or shady outdoor areas.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A popular, yet somewhat temperamental indoor plant.

Fruit salad plant

An indoor winner which tolerates low light, not much water.

Kentia Palm

A popular age-old indoor plant, can also be grown outdoors.

Mother-in-laws tongue

Grows well in both full sun and heavy shade and requires minimal water.

Peace Lily

A very hardy plant, great for indoor spaces.

Ponytail palm

A slow grower with a trunk that develops a very swollen base over time.

Rubber plant

Best kept as an indoor specimen only!

ZZ Plant

An unkillable indoor plant, tolerates low light and extreme neglect.



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